“You cannot create experience. You must undergo it.”  – Albert Camus

Our History

Making Headlines

Over the last ten years, La Cañada based Henry Suarez has created a top-producing business that has averaged nearly $40 million a year and more than 200 transactions. Remarkably, Suarez accomplished this task largely by avoiding the limelight and accolades his peers often seek. He prefers to deflect attention away from himself and give credit for his success to others. He points to key customers such as Countrywide Home Loans Chairman and CEO Angelo Mozilo, who trusted Suarez early in his career to handle a home buying transaction. Today, Suarez credits his team. “My group is why I am successful,” he says. Suarez spends more time focusing on his strengths: Making sure he provides high-quality service, overseeing the escrow process and monitoring trends in the real estate market, “So I can see them before they hit and adjust to them,” he says. Coworkers describe Suarez as somewhat of a paradox: “He’s shy but also eager and ambitious.” He began his real estate sales career in 1988 and, within six months, became a top producer. That’s where he has stayed despite changes in the market in past years. How did he stay on top during some of this industry’s toughest times? “It was tough to sell houses when the market was down, so I approached lenders and focused on REOs. That’s what really made the difference.” 

Team Concept

Our marketing team consists of several experienced agents and additional licensed staff members who can provide the most timely and professional service to our clients. Our number one priority is to exceed client expectations. We believe that a team effort is essential to obtaining such a consistent, high level of service. To ensure that our clients’ needs are met with the utmost attention, Henry Suarez carefully began assembling his team fifteen years ago. All members of the team are responsible for specific functions, ensuring the smoothest and most successful transactions.


Our goal is to always provide the highest standard of service, from the first day of a listing period to the close of escrow. We are fully aware we are working for you and that it is our job to successfully represent you in the sale of your property. It is our intention to sell your home quickly, with the least amount of inconvenience and at the highest price possible. “Building customer trust and respect is what brings repeat business. I just believe that if you are doing everything you say you are going to do and you are upfront with people, they are going to respect you even if they don’t always agree with you. Honesty and integrity are essential for success – they are everything.” -Henry Suarez


Henry’s listings are very attractive for other Realtors representing buyers. When people work with Henry Suarez, they benefit from his reputation and from the respect he has earned in the real estate community. Other agents are confident the experience will result in a positive, successful transaction for both them and their clients.

Marketing Your Home

Each property receives maximum market exposure. Upon receiving a listing, we immediately submit all pertinent data to the Multiple Listing Service to expose the property to all area Realtors. We also serve excellent catered lunches to ensure that the highest possible number of brokers view our listings. Attractive and informative brochures are placed in each property for Realtors and their clients, to create a lasting impression. We utilize several popular publications in which we receive the greatest level of interest for our properties. We continuously advertise our listings and have a special phone line that is specifically set up to answer questions in regards to ads featuring our listings.

Your Escrow

We have a great deal of experience in handling offers, and once the offer is accepted, we assume complete control of the escrow. Henry’s reputation and longevity in the Real Estate industry has earned him significant leverage with lenders, escrow and title companies. His business represents to them over two thousand successfully completed transactions. We take pride in our exceptional success ratio. We always meet appraisers with recent comparable and are present at physical inspections to insure proper monitoring of these critical processes. Our constant follow up and the consistent attention to detail we give each escrow, will guarantee both a successful and positive transaction for all parties involved.

In Conclusion

Thank you for your time and attention. I appreciate the opportunity to present you with this information. It is my sincere hope that I will be selected as your Realtor. I would be honored to represent you in this most important transaction. I take pride in being in a position to facilitate your Real Estate needs.

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